Hello. I'm Giulia, an italian girl.
I'm 27 years and I'm an eternal dreamer. I want be a psofessional cartoonist/comics.
I am aware that I might not realize my dream, but I don't stop and will continue.
for now you can found here all I liked and all I draw.



that’s about my headcanon for these two. I see a giant ship sailing towards me and I have nowhere to hide help

I ship this!

Double epic moment

He’s so cool!!

Usopp Epic Moment!
You are finally a great Messiah Hero, Usopp


A light through wind chime (Part2)

Part 2 of the short comic I did.

I’m fond of heart-warming stories with a hint of fantasy in it.

Part1 is here.

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A light through wind chime (Part1)

A short comic I did for my previous company’s artbook , “Little Giant - Crescent” . I was procrastinating until the last minute… it was rushed, so I’m not too happy with the colors, but who to blame but myself.

It’s a 12 pages comic, but tumblr only allow 10 images per post… so I need to split it into 2 different posts. Read part 2 here.

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